Economics of Land Degradation Contribution to Soil Security in Eurasia

  • Авторы: Pavel KrasilnikovAlexey SorokinAlisher MirzabaevOleg MakarovAnton StrokovSergey Kiselev
  • Международная Конференция (Симпозиум) : Global Soil Security Symposium
  • Даты проведения конференции: 19-21 мая 2015
  • Дата доклада: 20 мая 2015
  • Тип доклада: Устный
  • Докладчик: не указан
  • Место проведения: College Station, TX, США
  • Аннотация доклада:
  • Among the dimensions of Soil Security, the Capital occupies a special place because it depends on numerous factors that are not necessarily related to soil, such as regional economic development, current dynamics of food markets, social stability, and many others. However, the capital also depends on soil capacity and conditions that are threatened by land and soil degradation. Economics of land degradation is one of the useful approaches that help quantifying the relation between soil and capital. We used the approach for a preliminary quantification of the impact of land degradation in Northern Eurasia (Russia and neighboring countries) on the loss of profit due to the decline in agricultural production and in ecosystem services. The approximate loss on the national level exceeds 1.9% of annual gross domestic product, and the mean ratio of the cost of action to the cost of inaction in the country is 18%. However, we also show that the credibility of the results is low yet due to methodological difficulties, and recommend the improvement of the approach for the regional conditions.