СМИ о нас. Калмыкия сегодня

Заметка в газете "Калмыкия сегодня" о деятельности сотрудников лаборатории на территории субьекта. 

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СМИ о нас. Агромир

Заметка в газете "Агромир" о деятельности сотрудников лаборатории на территории Крыма

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The Australian Government recognises the importance of biodiversity conservation and, in collaboration with states and territories, has set a national framework for biodiversity conservation over the next decade.

Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is the variety of all species on earth. It is the different plants, animals and micro-organisms, their genes, and the terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems of which they are a part.

Biodiversity is both essential for our existence and intrinsically valuable in its own right.

This is because biodiversity provides the fundamental building blocks for the many goods and services a healthy environment provides. These include things that are fundamental to our health, like clean air, fresh water and food products, as well as the many other products such as timber and fiber.

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Mapping monetary values of ecosystem services in support of developingecosystemaccounts


Ecosystem accounting has been proposed as a comprehensive, innovative approach to natural capital accounting, and basically involves the biophysical and monetary analysis of ecosystem services in a national accounting framework. Characteristic for ecosystem accounting is the spatial approach taken to analyzing ecosystem services. This study examines how ecosystem services can be valued and mapped, and presents a case study for Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Four provisioning services (timber, palm oil, rattan, and paddy rice), one regulating service (carbon sequestration), and two cultural services (nature recreation, and wildlife habitat) are valued and mapped in a way that allows integration with national accounts. Two valuation approaches consistent with accounting are applied: the resource rent and cost-based approaches. This study also shows how spatial analysis of ecosystem accounting can support land use planning through a comprehensive analysis of value trade-offs from land conversion.

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