Economic evaluation of the level of degradation of agricultural land as a result of the transformation of land (for example, the Azov district of Rostov region)

Sergei Kiselyov, Krasil'nikov Paul scatter my Alex, Mirzabaev Alisher, Alexei Sorokin, strings Anton

Abstract: This article attempts from the economic point of view, to evaluate changes in the value and extent of land degradation c considering ecosystem services as a result of the transformation of the example of the Azov district of Rostov region. The paper presents the valuation process. With this method it is possible to assess the cost of action against such degradation as a result of transformation, and the cost of inactivity. The work is original in that the authors give an estimate of the total economic value (ECO) for specific types of agricultural land in the Azov region, taking into account the value of ecosystem services. Results show that in the years 2000-2010. in the study area of ​​the perennial crops, grassland and forest land have been transformed and have been used for sowing crops. This led to a slight degradation in view of ecosystem services. In the next 30 years, if take a series of measures to change the transformation of land, according to our calculations, will require 37 million. Dollars. If we leave the situation unchanged, the cost of inaction will be 42% lower - 21.7 mln. USD. Calculations indicate correctly selected economic specialization in the area and only a limited impact on the transformation of land degradation based on ecosystem services.

Keywords: economic evaluation, transformation and degradation of land, the cost of the action, the cost of inaction

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