Laboratory of Economics of Land Degradation was established by order of the dean of the Faculty of Soil Science, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey A. shoby number 35 / OP on 13 October 2014. Organized by the laboratory within the framework of the project of the Russian Science Foundation №14-38-00023 "Control of land degradation of the Eurasian region."

missionMission: create a scientific basis to justify the cost-effectiveness of sustainable land management.


visionVision: insufficient attention to land degradation due to the underestimation of the damage caused by it, because it does not take into account the indirect economic losses, including from denying ecosystem services. The task of scientists is the exact calculation of the cost of action and inaction and motivate land users to transition to sustainable land management.


strategyStrategy: contribute to a strong scientific basis for the economic evaluation of land degradation in terms of both agricultural production and the direct and indirect, and ecosystem functions of soil.

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Human environment on the state of biological, water and land resources, which are in close cooperation with each other. Status of land determines the biological productivity of ecosystems and water quality: destruction and degradation of the soil leads to the degradation of the entire landscape, and reduced quality of life. It is obvious that land degradation has an economic expression. Accordingly, it is possible to speak about the economic analysis of the effects of soil degradation as well as to make a comparison of the costs of protection and restoration of soil losses from their degradation. This allows you to compare price action and omission of degradation processes at various specified conditions, and to make a long-term forecast of economic efficiency of various measures for the protection of soil. These works can be produced only as a result of comprehensive research with experts in economics, agronomy, soil science and environmental protection. This project aims at developing approaches and methods for economic assessment of land degradation in the Eurasian region and practical recommendations for the implementation of soil conservation farming systems.